2021 Ram Sale Results

Posted on October 17, 2021

The Cameron family achieved a total clearance of 100 rams, with top price of $8,000, for an average $2,600 at the on-property ram sale. It was the first time we have catalogued 100 rams and thanks goes to everyone present on the day and via AuctionsPlus for their competitive bidding and support.

The top-priced ram, YKO 200123, with 18.4 micron wool, a yearling fleece weight of 37.2 (top five percent) and yearling weight value of 8.3 (top 20pc) was bought by Ray Norman, Glenbrook, Illabo who said the ram “fit his index and would be put into their stud program”.

All rams have received a 50K genomic test including full pedigree, providing an indication of the genetic ability of each animal. This information is then qualified by the measurement of a number of fleece and carcase traits at specific age stages in the animal’s development. This all adds to the ability to select in confidence sound animals displaying high fleece weights and early growth.

We hope all purchasers are happy with their selections and look forward to hearing how the rams perform.